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Surrey Storytellers
A Storytelling Club for Adults, in Ewell, Surrey

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29th September 2017

Michael Harvey

The Balance of Things or How to settle a debt with a  Chicken

Venture into the vibrant and liminal world of Breton fairytals, and a landscape filed with beauties, beasts, strange companions, biarre marriages and ruthless atonement.
These stories come from a place where everyday life and the fantasic colide - somewhere simultaneously earthy, ethereal and real... With a decidely comedic twist.
27 October 2017

An Evening of Mystery

An Ensemble evening of stories from many of our regular tellers, come and hear a wonderful range  of strange and puzzling  tales.
24th November 2017

Jo Worsley
Dawn Ellis
Gemma Sealey

Transgressive and Forbidden Love

You know it’s all wrong but you can’t help yourself… we’ve all been there – haven’t we? Three different takes on Transgressive and Forbidden Love will have you blushing and wincing by turns.

What happens when you just can't resist? Pop that one juicy contraband morsel into your gob and all hell breaks loose - that's what. Follow our fur-clad rule-smashing princess as she follows the jut of her chin and finds her heart's desire.
26th January 2018
Catherine Chadwick
The Necklace of the Brisings
Freya had to have the incomparable golden necklace crafted by dwarves in Midgard. Never before had she seen anything so beautiful and she was prepared to strike an unusual bargain to make it hers. Little did she know what the consequences of her vanity would be.
Jeremy Harte
Holy and Otherwise
Sturdy monks rescue a maiden in distress – with a difference. Jack comes home from college and wins a young lady using his degree in advanced larceny. The happy endings of these two stories prove that Property Is Theft (or vice versa)